Generetes the default Avanced Resumes Search Form. Note that by default this shortcode displays search form only, but when you do a search it will display results as well.

Available Parameters:

  • redirect_to (since 4.4.2, default none) – the value should be either URL or ID of page where you will display search results. Note that this page should have either [wpjb_resumes_search] or [wpjb_resumes_list] shortcode, otherwise no results will be shown.
  • form_only (since 4.4.2, default 0) – value can be either 0 or 1, if 1 then the shortcode will display form only, usually you will want to use this with redirect_to param or when using [wpjb_resumes_search] as a widget.


Usage examples:

Default usage.


Never show search results, and on search redirect user to page with ID = 1000

[wpjb_resumes_search redirect_to="1000" form_only="1"]


  1. I want to know ,
    How can i mae the search form for the Candidates with the Categories


    • Greg

      @Bilal yes it is possible, if you add the code below to your theme functions.php file it will add a Category dropdown to advanced resumes search.

      add_filter("wpjr_form_init_search", "my_resumes_category_search");
      function my_resumes_category_search($form) {
      $e = $form->create("category", "select");
      $e->setLabel(__("Category", "wpjobboard"));
      $e->addOption(null, null, " ");
      foreach(Wpjb_Utility_Registry::getCategories() as $obj) {
      $e->addOption($obj->id, $obj->id, $obj->title);
      if(count(Wpjb_Utility_Registry::getCategories()) > 0) {
      $form->addElement($e, "search");
      return $form;

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