Sliced Invoices Integration

The Sliced Invoices Integration allows generating an invoice for each purchase users make using WPJB order forms (that is you can send an invoice for single job posting, for purchasing membership and for access to resumes).

This extension is available for download from client panel for Business License owners only.


This add-on requires original Sliced Invoices plugin to work!

In order to use the integration, you need to first install and activate Sliced Invoices plugin. In your wp-admin panel go to Plugins / Add New panel and search for “Sliced Invoices”, once you find it click “Install” and then “Activate”.

The second step is to download the Sliced Invoices integration from WPJB client panel and install and activate it from wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel.

Configuring Sliced Invoices

Make sure to configure your invoicing plugin to suit your needs. As far as WPJobBoard is concerned you need to go to wp-admin / Sliced Invoices panel and make sure you have sections: General, Business and Invoices set up properly.

If you are having problems with the plugin configuration please refer to its documentation.

Configuring Sliced Invoices Integration

Go to wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Sliced Invoices panel, you can fine-tune the integration to your needs here.

Each invoice needs seller (yours) and buyer (Employer) billing data. The seller data was configured in the previous point. In the form above you can configure buyer billing data.

You can either leave this form as is and the Employers will be entering their billing data each time they make a purchase or you can map Job or Company fields to the billing data so the Employer will always have the billing automatically prefilled (he will, of course, be still able to change it in the checkout before placing the order).

Our recommendation is to map the fields to existing Company fields (the way “Bussiness Name” and “Address: Country” are already mapped).

ProTip: The Tax ID field is not available by default in Company Form. You can go to wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Custom Fields / Company Form panel and add the Tax ID as a custom field. Once you do that go back Sliced Invoices configuration and map it to the previously created field.

Once your done save the form.

Using the integration

Now everytime user will go to WPJB checkout (after posting a paid job for example) he will see Billing Details fields group as in the image below.

If in the configuration you left the mapping fields empty the billing details will be empty as well. If you had the fields mapped then your billing details should be filled (assuming the user has the fields used for mapping filled in his Company Profile or the Job).

After successful payment, the Employer will be able to download his invoice from [wpjb_employer_panel] / Payments History section.

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