Since version 4.4.0, WPJobBoard allows to add tax to the listings price. You can enable taxes from wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Taxes panel.


The tax set in this panel will be applied to all pricings in WPJobBoard. As you can see on the screenshot above the panel has following options:

  • Enable Taxes – enables taxes, if this option is not checked then none of the options below is applied.
  • Default Tax Rate – tax rate as percentage, for example if you enter in this field “20”, then 20% tax will be applied to all pricings.
  • Prices Entered with Tax – select “Yes, …” if the prices you enter in Pricings panel already include tax, if not then select option “No, …”.
    NOTE. Aside of managing how you enter prices in wp-admin panel, this option also affects how customers will see the prices in the frontend.  Selecting “Yes, …” will show them gross (with tax included) prices, otherwise users will see net prices (tax will be added in the checkout).

For the configuration visible on image above the checkout form will look like this


We are using prices without tax, so the tax was added to final price, along with information about tax value.

You can also notice a line “VAT @ 20%”, by default the line would read “Tax @ 20%”, but using method described here, it is possible to translate word “Tax” to some other text which will better describe your tax (for EU countries this will be “VAT”).

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