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Before you start reading this tutorial, please make sure you read introduction to templates article. It contains some basic yet important information about how WPJobBoard template engine works.

Below is alphabetic list of all files that make a WPJobBoard Theme, the files are in wpjobboard/templates/job-board directory:

  1. add.php – this file contains template that displays job posting form (i.e. step #1). Into this file step.php is included (which will be described further)
  2. apply.php – contains form that is used by applicant to send his resume (deprecated)
  3. company-edit.php – Employer edit form
  4. company-login.php – Employer login form
  5. company-new.php – Employer registration form
  6. company-panel.php – displays content visible by Employer when Emploer logins
  7. company-verify.php – displayed when Employer requests verification
  8. company.php – company profile page
  9. index-item.php – displays single item from the default jobs list table (this file is used by index.php)
  10. index.php – responsible for displaying list of jobs on: main page, browse by type, browse by category and search results
  11. job-applications.php – list of job applications visible in Employer panel
  12. job-application.php – single application view in Employer panel
  13. job-edit.php – job edit form in Employer panel
  14. job.php – displays full job offer, it is used in preview.php and single.php
  15. payment.php – displays payment form (when purchasing a job ad or resume)
  16. preview.php – job posting step #2. uses step.php and job.php
  17. save.php – job posting step #3, uses step.php
  18. search.php – contains advanced search form
  19. single.php – displays full job offer on a single page, uses jobphp
  20. step.php – box with information about posting “step”, used in add.php, preview.php, save.php
  21. subscribe.php – contains “subscribe to anything” modal box template

WPJobBoard Resumes templates. The files are in wpjobboard/templates/resumes:

  1. index-item.php – displays single item from the default resumes list table (this file is used by index.php)
  2. index.php – displays list of resumes and resumes search results
  3. login.php – Candidate login form
  4. my-resume-detail.php – resume detail (education or experience) add/edit form
  5. my-resume-edit.php – resume edit form visible by Candidate only
  6. my-resume.php – resume overview visible by Candidate after logging in.
  7. register.php – Candidate registration form
  8. resume-purchase.php – resume purchase form visible by Employer when purchasing resume
  9. resume.php – resume details page
  10. search.php – advanced resumes search form

Additional files:

  1. style.css – contains theme CSS, it is included on every job board page, if you want to modify theme look you should probably do it here.
  2. js.js – contains all WPJobBoard JavaScript used in the frontend
  1. Remco

    The related jobs are published with reference to with text “about 20 hours”

    I would like to use the Dutch translation for this?

    Is this possible?

  2. james

    How can I make a subscribe to email page, like the job search page?

    is there a shortcode?

  3. David McDonald

    These docs are almost 4 years old – are they still valid?

    • Greg

      Yes the document is still valid for the most part, it was created 4 years ago but last updated just few months ago if i remember correctly.

  4. Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out more details.

    • Greg

      I am afraid we do not have video tutorials right now, what are you having problems with?

  5. Silvio

    If I use my WordPress theme, then wpjobboard use the content-single.php from my WordPress theme. I’ve copied the content-single.php to content-job.php because I want to make some changes there.

    How can I explain WordPress to use content-job.php instead of content-single.php if it is showing a job item.

    Maybe do you have an hint for me?

    • Greg

      As far as i am concerned you should first create file single-job.php and the single-job.php would load content-job.php.

      • Silvio

        Your hint was useful, everything works fine now. Thank you.

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