Terms and Conditions

Below you can download a plugin that will add “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions” required checkbox to WPJobBoard registration forms in the frontend as seen below.

Terms of service checkbox that will appear.

Terms of service checkbox that will appear.

The plugin requires that you have a WordPress Page with slug “terms-and-conditions” if you do not have such page you can either create it (in wp-admin / Pages / Add New ) or in the plugin file change the default slug on line about 22.

In order to install download the plugin below and install it from wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload.

Download “Terms and Conditions” Plugin.

  1. jasoncwilliamson@gmail.com

    Thank you for this great plugin. Is there a way to get this to open in a modal dialog or new window that only contains the terms and conditions?

    Thank you,

    • Greg

      I am afraid that by default the Addon does not allow to do this, you would need to modify its source code.

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