The site is experiencing technical difficulties in WPJobBoard

In some cases, you may encounter the error: “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”. This communicate is a new thing in WordPress. You can see this message instead of a technical error message or just a blank page. In most cases, this means that there is some PHP error. There is no single solution for this error because we do not know what hidden under this message. It might be plenty of things. Maybe you are using an old version of WPJobBoard where we used a function that is no longer supported? Maybe we have some conflict with another plugin? Maybe there were some issues during installation/update of WPJobBoard and some tables in the database are missing or are out of date.

We can only guess, but in PHP Error Log you have technical message with error explained. You can reach an error log in one of the few possible ways:

  • WordPress should send you an e-mail with this particular error, so first please check your e-mail box. But in some cases, e-mails do not reach.
  • The second place to check is your server admin panel (cPanel, Direct Admin, or whatever your company is using). Not all companies put the error logs there, but it should be there.
  • The next option is to check the logs directory on your server via FPT. All companies keep logs in different directories, so you will need to search for it.
  • When all of the above will fail, you can always contact your server support, and ask them for the log.

When you have logged, just e-mails us on our support e-mail, and send us your log, this will speed up the process of helping you, as if you will not send us log right away, the first thing we will ask you is to find and send us log. Without a log, we can’t do anything but guessing what is wrong.

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