Where do I change phrase XYZ?

Sometimes you might want to change some phrases in WPJobBoard, one way to do it is to find the phrase in WPJB template files (wpjobboard/templates/ directory), but the recommended method is to do kind-of-English to English translation of course only for phrases you want to change.

While it is a bit complicated, this method allows translating phrases without modifying any of the original files, meaning that you can update WPJB later without worrying about losing your custom changes. In order to do the translation itself, we recommend using Say What? plugin, it allows to quickly customize phrases directly from the wp-admin panel. I show you how to install and use the plugin Say What? on WPJB.

First, go to wp-admin / Plugins / Add New and write in search “Say What?” Click Install next to the “Say What?” plugin, wait for the plugin to install, and click Activate.

When we install and activate the plugin, a new option in the administration panel will appear, go to wp-admin / Tools / Text Change you should see there the below panel


Before we start there are two things to keep in mind.

  • You can only use the plugin to translate strings that are marked for translation.
  • You can either guess, or check out the plugin in question’s source code, translatable strings are generally wrapped in __(), _e(), _n(), or _x().

Ok, now we try to translate some words. Let’s try to change the page home on the menu site.

Example #1


Now we will try to change it, go to wp-admin / Tools / Text changes and Add new and we should see the below.

In the original string, you must write a word that you want to change so write “Home”. In Text Domain write “wpjobboard” and you can leave Text context empty.

In the Replacement string, we must write the final word that we have after the update so for example. “Start Page”
And if we make it and click the button “Add” we change. This like this.


Now I change example some page for shows you where more you can make it.

Example #2

Now we can try to make changes in the candidate and employers panel. We will change the 2 words “Manage” and “Account”.


Again go to wp-admin / Tools / Text changes and change the phrases as previously.


We have two changes.

Example #3

Last changes, we want to change in wp-admin, “Users” to “Użytkownicy”


And after:



  1. jaroger1@yahoo.com

    Are edits made to SETTINGS (WPJB) > E-MAIL TEMPLATES safe when applying updates?

    • Greg

      Yes, on update the Email Templates will NOT be overwritten.

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