Widget – the basic graphic element of the user interface (eg Window, edit box, slider, button sidebar etc.)

To access ‘Widgets’ page follow the below-mentioned sequence. Login to WP-Admin/Appearance/Widgets

To find out more about ‘Widgets’ and how to create, remove etc. please go to: https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Widgets

When you install WPJobBoard you can see twelve new widgets.

Available Widgets

WPJobBoard Menu: This widget is available since version 4.3.1 and it is meant to replace both Job Board Menu and Resumes Menu widgets, for more information please check this link https://wpjobboard.net/kb/widget-custom-menu/

This is how the Custom Menu Widget can look like.

Recent Jobs: Displays list of recently posted jobs.

Featured Jobs: Displays list of recent featured jobs.

Job Alerts: Allows to create new job alert.

Job Categories: Displays list of available job categories. To find out more about Job Categories and how to create them see: https://wpjobboard.net/kb/job-categories/

Job Types: Job types allow grouping all the posted jobs according to their types, for more information about Job Types please see https://wpjobboard.net/kb/job-types/

Job Feeds: Displays list of available WPJobBoard feeds.

Job Location: Display location jobs.

Search Jobs: Search jobs widget.

Deprecated Widgets

Below are listed widgets that are available in WPJB but are deprecated and we do not recommend using them as they might be removed in near future at any time.

Recent Viewed: Recently viewed jobs. The plugin is deprecated since version 4.0.0.

Job Board Menu: Job board and Employer menu. We discourage using this widget, you should use the WPJobBoard Menu widget instead.

Resumes Menu: Resumes Menu links. We discourage using this widget, you should use the WPJobBoard Menu widget instead.



  1. cesar


    I m having trouble with the widget, the link they provide is always giving me a 404 error page..

    can you help me with that?

  2. ste

    I wonder if I can remove the sidebar from the Resume pages and show it only on Job page?


    • Greg

      This will depend on your theme mostly, you can go to wp-admin / Pages panel and click Edit next to Resumes page. Now in Page Attributes box try to select a Template that does not have a sidebar.

      • ste

        Thanks for the quick reply!
        Say I am using JobeleonVersion: 1.1.2
        I don’t see that option in page attributes, can you help me whit that?

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