Displays list of Employers sorted from A to Z.

Available parameters:

  • filter
    allowed values: active (approved and public Employers with at least one job posted), public (approved and public Employers), pending (not yet approved Employers).

    default value is “active”

  • query
    filter Employers list by keyword (company name, info or location)

  • location
    filter Employers list by location

  • meta__$key
    Allows to search employers by cusom fields, for example if you have created custom field named “skills”, you can list jobs with “skills” equal to “PHP” by passing “meta__skills” parameter to the shortcode (see third example below).
  • sort_order
    How employers should be sorted, the default value is by company name from A to Z.

  • pagination
    Show pagination on site, default value is 1 (to disable pagination set it to 0), note that the pagination if enabled will show only if there is more than one page of results.

  • page
    The page number to show, default value is 1, while possible, it is not recommended to change the default value, as this will break pagination.

  • count
    Number of employers per page, the default value is 20, if you change it to 0 then all jobs will be listed on single page.

  • search_bar
    String either: disabled, enabled. Default value disabled (since 4.1.2)

  • page_id
    (int) ID of a Page to which this shortcode will link to when for example doing a search, by default the value is current page ID (since 4.3.4)

Usage examples:

Find employers matching keyword “php developer” and location “New York”.

[wpjb_employers_list query="php developer" location="New York"]

Displaying only 5 Employers without pagination.

[wpjb_employers_list page="1" count="5" pagination="0"]

Searching for jobs that have Custom Field “skills” with value equal to “PHP”

[wpjb_employers_list meta__skills="PHP"]
  1. Hi
    why some shortdodes shuch as this shortcode dos not work in my site and displayes as thml code but other shortcodes such as [wpjb_job_list] work correctly.

    • Greg

      Hi, note that some of this shortcodes became available just recently, make sure that you are using WPJB version 4.3 (or newer), otherwise using some of the shortcodes will have no effect.

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