ZipRecruiter Integration

With ZipRecruiter integration, you are able to import jobs. This allows to dynamically have the jobs fetched and displayed based on default and user search params.


To be able to work with ZipRecruiter you need to get your API Key. The first step is to simply fill the form and wait till ZipRecruiter Team will reach you. After you should receive your API key. Once you have API Key entered in wp-admin -> Settings (WPJB) -> Configuration -> ZipRecruiter Integration, you can setup backfilling, there are following options:

  • Enable Backfilling on jobs list – Check this checkbox if you want to show backfilled jobs on pages which are using [wpjb_jobs_list] shortcode.
  • Enable Backfilling in jobs search – Check this checkbox if you wish to show backfilled jobs on pages with [wpjb_jobs_search] shortcode.
  • Automatically insert ZipRecruiter attribution link – When you are displaying jobs from ZipRecruiter, you need to also show “Jobs by ZipRecruiter” link somewhere on site (according to ZipRecruiter TOS), you can do this manually by adding the link in content of the Page which will be displaying the ZipRecruiter results or check this checkbox, then ZipRecruiter attribution will be displayed when at least one of ZipRecruiter jobs is shown in the current jobs list.
  • Backfill When (integer) – When to enabled backfilling. For example, if you enter zero in this field then ZipRecruiter jobs will be loaded only if the jobs list is empty. Similarly, if you enter 5, then ZipRecruiter jobs will be appended to results if the number of jobs pulled from WPJB DB is smaller than 5.

Aside from setting the backfilling options, it is also good to set some default settings. ZipRecruiter require default keyword and location. When those fields won’t be filled ZipRecruiter will not provide any results. The defaults will be used when the user did not enter any search parameters yet. In other words, you can use the Default params to tailor the returned ZipRecruiter jobs to your job board niche.

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