We always do our best to provide new, useful features in each update. Although sometimes your website requires some additional features or integrations that are not available by default. We are just humans and it not possible to create software with all possible functionalities with integrations to all possible software from all countries around the world, but we are ready to help you if you require a unique feature or integration with any 3rd party software even with specific for your country.

Yes! We are doing modifications and this article will describe how to order modification to save your time, reduce stress and misunderstandings. Also, this article will answer for most common questions.

Order process

If you want to order modification, just contact us via support e-mail. In your message describe desired modification as detailed as you can. Use cases, user stories, images, videos, mockups are very helpful for understanding each other. Please try to include as many details as you can. If you want to integrate with 3rd party software, please include URL to this software/service. This always will speed up the valuation process.

There is always an option that provided information will be not enough. In this case, we will ask some additional questions. We are doing modifications for some time, and we are able to provide some advice based on our experience. We are aware of the many consequences that some changes may cause. It’s very important to understand each other. We prefer to exchange a few additional e-mails to be 100% sure what we need to do, instead of doing something quickly and have to rewrite the whole thing, because this was not what client excepted. This process can take a few days depending on how big orders is.

Quote for modification is always calculated for each order separately. There are many variables to include: how much time it will take, how good is documentation of 3rd party software API. We can’t provide a price until we know what we need to do.

When we are on the same page, we will provide you an invoice. After we receive payment we start working on a modification. For bigger modifications (over $500) we can split payment 50-50. We prefer Bank Transfer, but if you are not able to do international bank transfer we also accept PayPal.


Development starts after we receive payment. Usually, we are able to close development within 5-10 business days. It may be longer if we have other customizations already scheduled. Before the order, we will inform you when the development will start and how long (in days) will it take.

There might be a delay if we underestimate the difficulty of the task – we will inform you about this during development. We understand that you have clients, deadlines etc. but in most cases, this is not possible to shorten work time. We can do this only for very simple modifications.

The important thing to remember. A number of days we will provide you is time needed to create modification source code. After we will provide modification files, there might be a need to integrate it with your WordPress installation. We are working in a clean environment, and that’s mean the newest version of WordPress, WPJobBoard and on TwentyTvelve Theme, without using any additional plugins. Our and your installation will always have some differences: different server configuration, a different version of WordPress or WPJobBoard, different Theme, additional plugins. Conflicts between software, certain server configuration may cause some issues that we need to solve on your installation, also from our experience even if the first talk is detailed many clients want some changes to be made after they see completed modification. Because of that, please add a few additional days for possible the integration process and/or amends.

If you have any deadline ahead, please inform us about this sometime before, not day or two, this will allow us to avoid additional stress and clumsy work because of quick work just to finish before the deadline.

Refunds and Guarantee

We consider modifications as a service (we create code just for you and we do not provide it to anyone) so if you decide you do not want the customization there are no refunds – only refundable situation is when we are unable to deliver working modification, that meets your requirements.

We provide one year guarantee. This means that if the modification will stop working for any reason (e.g. lack of compatibility with WordPress, WPJobBoard or 3rd party software) we will fix it for free. After a year we also help you with issues for free (as long as you have a valid WPJobBoard license), but if the modification will require to be rewritten in some part to make it work again we will consider this as a new task.

The modification is always developed as additional plugins and/or child theme. This means you will be able to have the custom functionality and still update WPJobBoard and Jobeleon using automatic updates.

Thats all. If you wish to have some custom functionality developed, please contact us. We will be happy to help!