Job board software for recruitment agencies

Running a small or medium size recruitment agency? WPJobBoard software has everything you need, collecting resumes and managing both jobs and applicants, while also running your industry blog!

Why WordPress – and why WPJobBoard?

WordPress is a website content management system which by August 2011 was already used by over 16% of all websites. Being popular has its perks and there is now a massive community with support for skins (“themes”) add-ons and customizations, making it easier than ever before to create your ideal website.

How did it become so popular? Well partly because it’s FREE – and if you’re tech-savvy enough to send an email then you can run WordPress; it really is that simple. WPJobBoard is an add-on (called a “plugin”) which makes running a recruitment board just as easy!
WPJobBoard does not limit you to just a job board. You can write an industry-specific blog, bringing quality visitors (and job candidates!) to your site while a running job board on the side.

Unlike some WordPress job board solutions which take over your entire site, with WPJobBoard you still get to enjoy all of WordPress features, plugins and themes. Talking of themes…

Select from thousands of themes!

WPJobBoard works with any of thousands of WordPress themes available (both free and paid-for). It also blends perfectly with WP “frameworks”, such as WooFramework, Genesis, Headway, or Thesis, meaning YOU decide your website’s look and feel.

Manage Applicants

Manage all job applications from the WordPress admin panel. All user data and submitted attachments are safely stored on your web-server and available for you at any time. Reject or accept user applications in order to provide employers with the best candidates only.

Keeps in touch with candidates

Candidates are often lazy, and fail to keep up with your job board, recruitment agencies, job centers and so on. With WPJobBoard you can ensure your site and jobs stand out with job alert email subscriptions and customized job feeds


“simple, clean and powerful!”

Thanks to this extraordinary plugin and the best support, I built the first Italian creative job board. In a few months it became the best and appreciated resource for the creative jobs in Italy. This is the plugin I was looking for: simple, clean and powerful!