Developing a job board for a client?

As a busy developer you can depend on WPJobBoard to provide a professional job board solution to your client at a fraction of the expected development time or cost.

Built around WordPress as an easy plugin

WPJobBoard is regularly updated and will work with any current or future WordPress theme, so you can impress your client with an awesome job board, choosing any professionally designed theme, in minutes. Upload, activate, done!

Happy with API

WPJobBoard impresses your clients and makes your life even easier by taking full advantage of the Application Programming Interface (API) from websites such as Indeed or CareerBuilder. See documentation for more details. Talking of which…

Over 40 pages of documentation and fast support

Whenever you need help, you can quickly refer to WPJobBoard Knowledge Base. It contains over 40 articles that will help you configure and modify WPJobBoard. If your problem is not solved in the documentation our support staff will help you implement any changes required by your client.

Easy to modify template files

WPJobBoard uses a WordPress-like templating engine, so you can easily and quickly modify job board templates to suite your client’s needs. Saving template files in your theme directory will affect templates for your current theme only, allowing your client to safely update the plugin later.

Visual Editor – Additional fields made easy

It’s impossible to tell in advance what a client will want from their job board, and they often change their minds… Happily WPJobBoard provides a super-simple visual editor, incorporating “drag and drop”. This means “impossible” clients can be simply shown once how to edit the board themselves, and then they can edit, add or delete fields to their heart’s content!


“…above and beyond what anyone could expect”

Our client wanted more features then WPJobBoard offered, wanted to implement the plugin on a multi-site network, and wanted to maintain control over global settings from the configuration screen. When we came to Greg and asked him if he could help us make some changes, he went above and beyond what anyone could expect from the support department of a software product. Greg created a special multi-site UI, special filters and helped us create custom feeds for our clients site for a more than reasonable fee. I wish every software application company out there was as accommodating as Greg and WPJobBoard!