Version 4.4.4 (Trial Memberships & ANTI-Spam Techniques)

WPJobBoard version 4.4.4 was just released, you should be now able to download it from client panel. If you do not see this update in wp-admin panel, go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates and click “Check Again” button.

Along with WPJobBoard version 4.4.4 there is also update to Jobeleon 1.3.4 available, if you are updating WPJB make sure to update Jobeleon as well.

There are three main new features in this update.

Trial Memberships

From wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Pricing / Employer Membership panel, you can check “Trial” checkbox for one (or more) memberships.

When new Employer registers on site all the Trial memberships will be assigned to him. This is a great way to allow Employers test the Employer account (and get them hooked) without forcing them to spend money.

ANTI-Spam Techniques

In wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / ANTI-Spam panel you can enable two ANTI-Spam techniques, they are both easy to a user (that is they are invisible to a real user) and hard for bots. You can read more about this technique in ANTI-Spam documentation.

Additionally, all IP addresses who fail the ANTI-Spam tests are being logged if some IP address occurs often you can use some third party plugin to ban this IP address from your site, the example error log you can see below.


Custom Order For Job Types and Categories

From wp-admin / Settings (WPJB) / Categories and Job Types panel you can enter an order (integer) for each item, this allows to setup custom order for job types and categories.

From the version 4.4.4 items are ordered first by “order” value and then alphabetically. In other words, if you will not make any changes in your categories and / or types, then your data will be sorted by title as they currently are.

Other Changes

  • FEATURE: Show login form instead of error when unregistered user tries to access Employer or Candidate Dashboard
  • FEATURE: Ability to customize job feeds (Indeed, Juju, SimplyHired, Trovit and RSS) via API. Example code explaining how to use this API you can find on GitHub – Feeds API Snippets.
  • BUG: Datepicker in Education in Experience no longer allows to enter invalid dates.
  • BUG: Subscribe to job alerts not centered properly on screen.
  • BUG: Google Maps API key is now always added to the URL when loading it from Google
  • BUG: qss=7 in the job description preview.

List of modified files you can download here.

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